Jack's Recipes

Our favorite creations using young, unripe jackfruit, from the jungle straight to your plate


There is a reason that Jack is known as a 'jack of all trades'. Try them out and enjoy!

meetjack burger

About the Recipes

Sam Vreeke, the creative brain behind our jackfruit products, creates the recipes we use to inspire chefs to experiment making new jackfruit dishes.

Jack's list of talented chefs that create true jackfruit masterpieces is growing.

Do you want to share your jackfruit dish with the world?

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Our Chefs

Gabriele Bonomi
Proud vegan chef
Made Runatha
Moksa's creative concept chef
Sam Vreeke
Food concepts creation chef
Meity Purwaningrum
Creative twists to traditional Asian recipes
Hana Hegyiová
Puts fancy into street food
Jurgen van der Baan
Plant-based comfort and soul food.

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