No-Tuna Jackfruit Salad

Easy to make and a guaranteed hit your guests will talk about

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2-4 persons
15 minutes


Step 1. Cut the celery, bell peppers, and red onion into small pieces. 

Step 2. Drain the chickpeas (keep the liquid) and crush them with a fork into chunky textured mash. Add the vegetables and mix them with the chickpeas mash. 

Step 3. Defrost Naked Jack Chunks. When soft, remove the hard parts and crush the tender parts into small pieces.*

Step 4. Boil shredded chunks in water with salt and half of the lemon juice for 2-3 minutes. Drain and add the jackfruit to the vegetable chickpea mash. 

Step 5. Make your own vegan mayonnaise: combine the liquid from chickpea can (aquafaba) with crushed nori sheet and extra lemon juice. Whisk it till the texture starts resembling foam. The taste should remind you of seafood and the ocean! 

Step 6. Add this home-made seaweed mayonnaise to your salad to add the “tuna” flavour. Taste your salad and season it with extra salt, pepper and lemon juice if needed. 

Step 7. Serve with a slice of toasted bread, brushed with olive oil, salt and oregano.

* Watch instruction video on how to prepare Naked Jack.

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