2+1 MAY SPECIAL: Jack will send you 1 FREE box of bitterballen for every 2 boxes of bitterballen that you order.

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Jackfruit Chunks
2kg per box
Jackfruit Stripes
2kg per box
Jackfruit Bitterballen*
36 pieces per box
*MAY SPECIAL: For every 2 boxes you order, you get 1 for FREE
Jackfruit Croquettes
14 pieces per box
Jackfruit Gyros
1kg per unit
Jackfruit Rendang
1kg per unit
Jackfruit Rendang
4x 300g per box
Jackfruit Thai Curry
4x 300g per box
Tex Mex Pulled Jackfruit
4x 300g per box
Sloppy Jackfruit
4x 300g per box
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