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Editorial angle

A Fruit For Meat Lovers

Jack is a natural fruit: 100% vegan, rich in fibers & nutrients, and free of gluten or soy. It’s a fruit that stands out above the rest for one particular group of people: the meat lovers. Its meaty texture allows chefs to re-create crowd favorites like burgers, gyros, or croquettes. Guilt-free food that conquers the hearts of meat lovers one bite at a time. This is why Jack is known as a fruit for meat lovers.

Jackfruit tacos
Editorial angle

A Jack of all Trades

Jackfruit is the world's largest fruit, easily weighing 25kg. Underneath its rugged exterior you will find the ideal ingredient for replacing meat. Chef’s love him just the way he is, fresh & raw.

The meaty textured bite, combined with the ability to blend with all types of spices, allows him to steal the show when it comes to the prize of “Greatest alternative to satisfy carnivorous cravings.” Jack is truly a jack of all trades.

Jackfruit wraps and burgers
Editorial angle

A Climate-Smart Crop

Jackfruit trees can produce an impressive 200 jackfruits per year. The more jackfruit you pick from the tree, the more that grows. Currently 1/3 of jackfruit goes uneaten which causes farmers to cut down trees.

By getting people to eat more jackfruit we help farmers monetize the crop. In turn, jackfruit trees revitalize groundwater, contributing to reforestation and agroforestry efforts in the area. That is why jackfruit is considered a climate-smart crop.

Jackfruit in the jungle
Editorial angle

Female Entrepreneurs Leading the Way

In 2017 Kaline and Marjolein fell in love with jackfruit and made a decision: to reduce meat consumption around the world. Since then they have been two female entrepreneurs on a mission: to get meat lovers to eat less meat. They lead their team in a struggle to shake things up in the food industry.

Not an easy feat in a male dominated industry where charming female smiles quickly open doors for conversation, but turn into a long wait to actually be accepted as a new player in town. In any case, the end is definitely worth the wait with these two female entrepreneurs leading the way.

Kaline and Marjolein in Bali

Note for Press

For all questions about Jack and interview requests with his team, please reach out directly to Kaline van Halder or Marjolein Pleune. Or send an email to Jack: jack@meetjack.nl

If you prefer a Dutch version of our press kit, please send us an email.

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Jack often thinks long and hard about how to best present himself to the world. He is one photogenic fruit and loves to share his style with those looking to write about him.

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