Pulled Jackfruit Stew

Braise your jackfruit chunks into a delicious dish

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4 persons
30 minutes


A good pulled jackfruit stew starts with a homemade vegetable gravy. We advice you prepare the gravy at least a day before. As a chef, we are sure you have your own signature gravies, so use your favorite. Sam loves to make his gravy with loads of fresh vegetables: carrot, onion, leek, celery, and plenty of spices like juniper and cardamom.

Do you have your gravy ready? Great, let's start with the fun part.

Take some of the gravy you made the day before, put it in a pot, add the defrosted jackfruit chunks, and stir. 

Place the pot on a stove and let the jackfruit simmer until it starts to fall apart. You’ll notice that the gravy is becoming thicker and starting to bind with the jackfruit. 

You want the jackfruit to be soft and fall apart a little bit. But it also has to retain some of its bite, which is important to recreate a ‘’meaty’’ texture. Add a little bit of gravy to it if needed to make sure that it stays juicy and that not too much of the liquid evaporates. 

The trick is to cook the jackfruit exactly right. The jackfruit chunks consist of two parts: the core and the long fibers. If you want to know whether the jackfruit is cooked completely, just check if the core is soft.

After about 10 minutes on the stove, your jackfruit should be about done. The fibers should already fall apart, but use a potato masher to really get that desired ‘’meaty’’ feeling. It’s important to not overdo it. You’ll see the fibers will fall apart slightly, and start to resemble pulled pork. Do this a couple of times until you feel like you have the right texture.

That's it, you just made your first pulled jackfruit stew! We leave it up to you how you choose to serve it. But usually, you can’t go wrong with a classic dish: boil some potatoes, add the pulled jackfruit stew along with freshly glanced vegetables, and some sweet and sour cabbage.


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