Meat Alternatives

A True Jack of All Trades

What can you make with raw jackfruit?

Have you ever heard of the phrase a jack of all trades? It’s someone skilled at many things, but not in the same way as an expert in one specific thing. It’s a handy and versatile person. And that’s how we see jackfruit, it’s a true ‘Jack of all foods’. 

Jack is the largest fruit in the world, and it’s used to make many types of dishes. Appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, desserts. You can pretty much introduce jackfruit into any part of the meal, depending on how ripe or unripe the jackfruit is. Ripe jackfruits are sweet and have a soft texture, making them ideal for desserts. But it’s the meaty texture of the young, unripe jackfruit that is catching people’s attention around the world. And that’s our Jack.

Jack is a young, unripe jackfruit that has his mindset on becoming a food star. He’s a raw talent when it comes to taking meat recipes and recreating them with a twist. He replaces the meat with jackfruit to create plant-based versions of all-time favorite meat dishes. Now, it might not be the same as the real thing, but Jack knows he can make the recipes delicious enough to make people looking to cut down on meat feel surprisingly happy. Sometimes even fool them into thinking they are eating meat.

Conquer the hearts of meat lovers around the world 

Yes, we know it’s a big goal, and the only way to reach it is one step at a time. For Jack, that means recreating popular meat dishes around the world!

How? By going into the kitchen with friends and experimenting with jackfruit and spices until we find the balance to make a delicious dish that pleases.

Jack teams up with great chefs, food spice production companies, or clients with good ideas for new dishes. It’s like a chef jamming session, where the magic happens behind closed doors and a new product is ready for the world.

Once we find a recipe, one of two things happens:

  1. We create a new product to launch into the market
  2. We share the recipe to inspire others to make jackfruit dishes

Think of our Jack's Gyros, it was originally made as a one-time product for a festival. But the public loved it so much that we sent it straight to production and onto our product line up.undefined

Or Mexican tacos, they are simple enough to recreate with Naked Jackfruit, so we decided to share the recipe with the world. And, from what we hear, it’s a great success. Families and friends are using it in all types of gatherings where vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers come together to break bread.

Here is the story behind Jack’s Greek Gyros and Mexican Tacos.

1. Jackfruit with Greek Spices

Jack heard stories of the famous Greek Gyros, you know the meat that cooks on a vertical rotisserie and is served in a pita along with fresh tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce. An unmistakable, all-time favorite meal from the Mediterranean. The type of meat used for gyros varies between lamb, pork, chicken, or beef. So why not try to use jackfruit instead of meat? 

Jack took some jackfruit, found greek spices, and made his own Jack’s Gyros. Super easy to do. He took the ingredients, packaged them, and is selling it to those that want to try it on their own.

2. Jackfruit with Mexican Spices

If you think of Mexican food, Tacos al Pastor has to be one of the first dishes that come to mind. It’s one of the most, if not the most famous, street food in Mexico. Its star ingredient is the spit-grilled pork with a mix of traditional Middle Eastern spices and Mexican spices. But why pork? What would happen if you showered jackfruit with all those traditional spices?

The result is ‘Naked Jack: Mexican Style’. Raw jackfruit chunks, with the right amount of Mexican spices, that you can use to make vegan jackfruit tacos.

Challenge Jack

Do you have a famous meat recipe you would like to see made using jackfruit? Challenge Jack to create a new jackfruit recipe you could make at home.

How? Reach out to one of Jack’s friends and they’ll know what to do.