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Jack makes his national TV debut in Binnenste Buiten show on KRO-NCRV

Kaline and Marjolein show culinary chef Alain Caron around and watch him create a jackfruit masterpiece in our own kitchen.

Binnenste Buiten jackfruit episode

Jack made his national TV debut in a Binnenste Buiten TV episode on KRO-NCRV. 🍈 📺✨

To be honest, Marjolein, Kaline, and Sam did most of the talking, while Jack simply shined as he got tossed around from person to person on camera.

Culinary expert, Alain Caron, heard about an exotic fruit from the jungles of Asia and decided to stop by to meet Jack. He got to see Jack in action as we made our Rendang, Curry, and Bitterballen.

Alain got the hang of it in no time. By the end of the evening, he was the one in the kitchen making a delicious stuffed avocado with jackfruit tartar.

Did you miss the live show? Take a look at the 11 min episode.

Do you want to try out the dish at home? Take a look at Alain's recipe for jackfruit tartar.

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