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Jack Surprises Meat Lovers

What do people think of Jack at the Rollende Keukens Festival, without telling them they are eating fruit?

What do people think of Jack at the Rollende Keukens Festival, without mentioning upfront that they are eating fruit?

Jack loves festivals. Something he does not need to tell his team twice!

Festivals typically attract Jack's favorite crowd: meat lovers. And one of Jack’s favorite things to do in the world is fooling meat lovers into thinking they are eating meat, And of course, capturing the moment on camera!

That is exactly what we did in 2019 at the Rollende Keukens Festival. Look at the beautiful confusion on people’s faces. One proud moment for Jack. 

If you are not from The Netherlands you are probably wondering what is this whole Rollende Keukens thing? It's a festival that started as a free neighborhood party in 2008 and has gradually turned into a renowned food festival over the last decade. 

It's located in Amsterdam's Westerpark, where a wide range of mobile kitchens and food trucks offer a variety of snacks, delicacies, and beverages to food curious visitors. And to top it all off there is an entertainment program that makes the festival great fun for young and old alike. 

In the middle of all this hustle and bustle, Meet Jack got to build its own forest shack. It took all hands on deck, family and friends got together to help prepare massive amounts of jackfruit saté sticks, jackfruit gyros, and our very own homemade forest jackfruit smoothie.  

It was all worth it to introduce Jack to more people and film him in action as he caught meat lovers by surprise. Take a look at some of the reactions from people taking a bite without knowing what they were eating.