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12 Highlights going into 2022

Jack is ready for an investment boost to step up his game.

2021 was another turbulent year. Restaurants had to keep their doors closed for the better part of the year, and by the looks of it, it seems like we have a few miles ahead of us before the foodservice industry gets back on its feet.

Jack remains an optimistic fruit, starting 2022 with the hope that things will change for the better. But before we do, we want to share Jack’s highlights of 2021.

Jack's star appearance on TV

Jack was invited onto the TV set for the filming of a Binnenste Buiten food TV show airing on KRO-NCRV. Kaline and Marjolein introduced culinary chef Alain Caron to Jack, and then watched as he created a delicious stuffed avocado with jackfruit tartar. A true finger licking culinary masterpiece.

Jack opened his own webshop

Jack opened an online shop. By this time next year, we hope to introduce our jackfruit products in supermarkets across Europe. Until that time, they are all just a few clicks away from your freezer on Jack's Shop.

We filmed Meet Jack tutorial

Sam shares his tips and cooking methods on how to turn Naked Jack Chunks into classical meat-free dishes. He shows three cooking methods as he prepares three easy and delicious jackfruit recipes in our first Meet Jack Tutorial.

Food styling photoshoot

A small peak behind the scenes at Chuck Studio, where Jack got his first super duper professional photoshoot. It was an amazing experience for Jack to work with a full-blown crew of culinary strategists, food stylists, and photographers, and of course, his very own Fruit-Up Artist. A whole team in action to get Jack ready to shine in supermarkets with the coolest packaging ever.

Jacks goes back to Bali

Now and then, we feel the urge to take a trip back to the place where it all started: Bali. It's a culinary paradise and home to many jackfruit trees.

This time around, Ángel and Maja were the ones to team up with top chefs to develop some amazing new recipes and organize some pretty awesome photoshoots.

Terraces re-open after lockdown

The start of the summer was a blessing for Jack. Beach restaurants and city terraces opened their doors again after being closed for months in a row.

Sun out + cold beer + warm jackfruit bitterballen = summer happiness.

Bitterballen mania is here to stay

Jackfruit Bitterballen took the Dutch terraces by storm! They became such a hot item that we had to ramp up our bitterballen production to keep up with demand.

A record month in jackfruit sales, that we hope to make the norm in 2022.

Proud to see Jack in wholesalers' freezers across NL

Chefs love Jack. And, since chefs love to shop at wholesale stores, Jack happily settled in the freezer shelves of the biggest stores across the Netherlands. 

You can now find him at Hanos, Bidfood, Sligro, VersTrade, VHC Jongens, Chef Centraal, Foodl and Vegan FoodService.

Jack sets up a jungle corner once again

Jack attended a food event after 2 long, long years. We didn’t think twice to accept Gastvrij Rotterdam’s invitation to set up our very own little jungle corner to introduce Jack to the Rotterdam food scene.

Very happy to see the Bitterballen & Rendang disappear from the plates. And, even happier, to see Jack got invited into the freezer of one more wholesaler: Zegro.

Happy team faces seeing Jack on the road again

Jack is loving attending all the food events again. He found it's just like riding a bike, one of those things you never forget. And the whole team could no be more excited to see him shine at BBB Maastricht, making a good impression and seeding new friendships from across the border.

It looks like a trip to Belgium will be in the cards for 2022!

New jackfruit samples are good to go

More and more chefs are hearing great stories about Jack's new products. We decided to re-create our sample box to include all the jackfruit products that chefs are raving about.

So, if you know a chef out there who might want to add a jackfruit dish to the menu, tell them about Jack and his awesome free sample box.

Jack is ready for growth

It’s been 3 years since Jack set out to become a global food star. The world has thrown some serious curveballs at him. But, despite all the hardships, Jack has managed to double his numbers year after year.

It’s time to step up the game. We are talking to multiple investors interested in partnering up to help us prepare Jack for the series A investment round.

After all, there are many, many more meat lovers out there set on changing their ways. And Jack is set on conquering their hearts.

Thanks for keeping an eye on Jack!

Jack’s Team