Meat Alternatives

Meet Jack: a Fruit for Meat Lovers

Have you heard about Jack?

Let me tell you a bit about Jack. Jack is an adventurous, young jackfruit who dreams of becoming a food star. He is this big-time fruit, actually the world’s largest fruit, easily weighing 25kg and growing up to 40cm tall. He drinks very little water and grows quickly without the need for pesticides or chemicals.

And even though he has a rugged exterior, underneath he is the meatiest textured fruit you will find. He truly is every recipes’ ideal ingredient in-law.

The New Fruit in Town

Jack is a true adventurer, a daydreamer who wants to explore the world. In 2018, after meeting Kaline and Marjolein in his home jungle of Asia, he made up his mind to chase his dream: become a global food star.

He packed his bags, boarded a ship, and made the journey north to The Netherlands, a country where he could go toe to toe against the culinary greats of the day: bitterballen, croquettes, burgers, and gyros. Today Jack has become the only freshly, frozen jackfruit in Holland.

A fruit for meat lovers

Jack is a breath of fresh air in a world where chefs struggle to come up with tasty, plant-based dishes to surprise their guests. He discovered that chefs love him just the way he is, fresh & raw. The meaty textured byte, combined with the ability to blend with all types of spices, allows him to steal the show when it comes to the prize of “Greatest alternative to satisfy carnivorous cravings.” Chefs are starting to use Jack to conquer the hearts of meat lovers one bite at a time. Getting Jack closer to his dream of becoming perfect guilt-free food pleasure in the world.

A food star with a purpose

The reality is that a jackfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits per year, but more 1/3 of the jackfruit goes un-eaten. This gives farmers an excuse to cut down the trees. After all, better the financial profit than rotting food.

Jack, being a firm believer of “one man’s problem, is another man’s blessing”, wants to trigger a positive chain of events: more people eating jackfruit means more jackfruit grows on trees, this makes jackfruit trees economically valuable for farmers, which in turn helps prevent deforestation. In short, more food, more trees, no problems.

Jack is a fruit for chefs

Meet Jack is a company that imports and sells jackfruit in the European B2B market. We built our jackfruit supply chain to bring jackfruit from South East Asia to the hands of chefs working at restaurants or caterers. These chefs are usually very busy, which means they shop for their ingredients at large wholesale stores. This makes wholesale stores, our biggest clients, and secondary audience.

It’s not easy being a chef

Chefs continuously want to surprise guests with great dishes, typically relying on meat, since the majority of them love their meat. However, times are changing, there is a growing trend for plant-based cuisine that is triggering curiosity in even the strongest of meat lovers. On top of that, people are starting to become more demanding when it comes to the taste and health standards of ingredients used as meat alternatives. The poor chefs, who would love nothing more than to focus on creative cooking, are on the lookout for plant-based ingredients with the meaty texture needed to replace meat in their guests’ all-time favorite dishes. This is where Jack comes into the picture…

No Jack without fans

Chefs are not our target audience by chance, they are our direct connection to a growing fanbase. Many people out there are catching on to the need to adjust towards a more plant-based diet. But let’s face it, this is no easy task. Many ingredients claim to be a great alternative to meat, but they often fall short.

When these meat lovers taste Jack a big smile lands on their face: “Really, a fruit? It’s the perfect ingredient to trick my carnivorous cravings!” Those words give us the energy to keep chasing Jack’s dream: to become the fruit on everyone’s menu, both at restaurants and people’s homes.

After 2 years, Jack is supermarket ready!