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How Jack makes vegan Bitterballen

Take a look behind the scenes as Jack makes his famous vegan, jackfruit bitterballen.

Bitterballen are without a doubt the most popular Dutch appetizer. It’s the most frequently ordered snack during company outings, after sports with friends, or any of those occasions in a cafe where you need some guilty food pleasure. A round crispy exterior with a meaty interior that goes divinely with your favorite beer. Those are the Dutch bitterballen. 

Traditionally produced from a meat stew, vegan and vegetarians usually don't get to enjoy these crispy little treats – until now.

Meet Jack developed a jackfruit-based recipe that features all the delicious characteristics of the original bitterbal. They were our very first jackfruit recipe and the first product we introduced in 2018.

Jack's bitterballen were an instant hit and became a popular vegan snack in many restaurants and bars in The Netherlands. In a few bars, they even outperformed the original bitterbal!

In case you ever wondered how they are produced on an industrial scale, here is a short impression of the journey your bitterballen take on their way to your plate.