Jack Goes Nuts

Jackfruit saté spreads

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About Jack Goes Nuts

Jack went into the kitchen to experiment with roasted nuts, spices, and jackfruit. The result? A saté spread, a.k.a. Jack Goes Nuts. It's a grab it and spread it type food for those people that live on the run. Available to chefs in 500-gram buckets.

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Preparation tips

There's just one way. Grab a bread, toast, or wrap and spread the Jack Goes Nuts spread.


JACK GOES NUTS: Jackfruit, peanuts, water, Ketjap (Molasses, water, naturally fermented soy sauce), coconut milk, chickpeas, onions, red pepper, ginger, garlic, tomato paste, sunflower oil, lime juice, SPICES, mustard seeds.

Nutrition value (100 g)

Energetic value


Fat (total)

of which fat saturated

Carbohydrates (total)

of which sugars

Salt (from chloride)

222 kcal / 920 kJ

6,3 g

14,9 g

2,7 g

14,5 g

5,3 g

0,9 g


Peanuts, soy sauce,spices, mustard seeds.


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