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Jackfruit Chunks: 41420660
Jackfruit Bitterballen: 41423330
Jackfruit Croquettes: 41423320
Jackfruit Rendang: 41423350
Jackfruit Gyros: 41423340

Jackfruit Chunks: 127256
Jackfruit Bitterballen: 127260
Jackfruit Croquettes: 127259
Jackfruit Rendang: 127257
Jackfruit Gyros: 127258

Jackfruit Chunks: 46.003.85
Jackfruit Stripes: 46.003.51
Jackfruit Bitterballen: 46.003.69
Jackfruit Croquettes; 46.003.77
Jackfruit Rendang: 46.008.72
Jackfruit Gyros: 46.003.35

Jackfruit Bitterballen: 156201
Jackfruit Croquettes: 156170

Jackfruit Bitterballen V-05-BIT-mej-OES-36
Jackfruit Croquettes V-05-KRO-mee-OES-14
Jackfruit Chunks V-06-JAC-mej-RAW-2000

Other products are available upon client’s request.

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No article numbers available. All products can be ordered via Foodl website.

Article numbers coming soon.

Jack's Bitterballen Jackfruit 4610.609.57
Jack's Kroketten Jackfruit 4610.604.69
Jack's Rendang Jackfruit 4696.402.86
Jack's Raw Jackfruit Chunks 4696.402.94

Other products are available upon client’s request.

Article numbers coming soon.

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