Mongolian Jackfruit Jerky

Jackfruit marinated in homemade Mongolian barbecue sauce, served on mashed sweet potatoes and braised greens

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25 minutes


From one top chef to another. Hidden in the outskirts of Ubud in Bali, surrounded by their very own jungle garden, lays a culinary plant-based paradise called Moksa. This Mongolian Jerky masterpiece comes straight from chef Made's imagination to your plate. It's a dish that is bound to keep your guests coming back for more.

Step 1. Place pre-cooked jackfruit chunks in a small bowl, marinate with all seasoning ingredients until well mixed, add rice flour and stir well again.*

Step 2. Add 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil to the Jerky mixture and stir well, the sprinkle cassava flour and set aside.

Step 3. Deep fry one by one in hot oil until crispy, take out with a stainer and put on a paper tissue to absorb oil. 

Step 4. Heat coconut oil in a frying pan to a moderate heat. Add ginger and garlic until fragrant. Pour Mongolian BBQ sauce and cook for 2 seconds. Add crispy jackfruit and sauté until it’s well covered in the sauce. Keep it warm.

Step 5. Assemble your masterpiece: use a piping bag to decorate the plate with sweet mashed potato rounds, add braised green and top it off with Mongolian BBQ Jerky, garnished with pickled carrots and cucumber.

*If you need some tips on preparing Naked Jack, take a look at this video

Ingredients for Mongolian Jerky

Final dish Mongolian Jerky

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