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Why would you use jackfruit?

We envision the revolutionary jackfruit as the meat replacement of the future. Picture this: a healthy meat-free alternative, but with the same meaty texture as tender pork.

How can I use jackfruit?

You can season jackfruit with any spice mix and treat it in a similar way as chicken or pork. Try it baked, sautéd, fried or marinated - overcome your creative block with our new recipe booklet. Change your diet to more plant-based, without changing your favorite dishes!

What are the nutritious values of unripe jackfruit?

High in calcium, fiber and potassium. Low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of vitamin C and manganese. Read more.

Does your jackfruit taste like fruit?

Jackfruit is mostly known for its sweet fruity taste - that’s the fruit when it is ripe. However at Meet Jack we process the unripe jackfruit (that has a neutral taste) and season it with delicious flavors. The unripe jackfruit is used for your favorite savory dishes.

You can currently only buy the Meet Jack products B2B. Why?

We are trying to target as many people (especially the meat lover) as possible, to create as much impact as possible. Nowadays, when people are more willing to try meat-free alternatives (with a meaty bite), we believe that selling directly to restaurants and catering companies is a great opportunity.

Where can I order Jack for my business?

You can order Meet Jack through our delivery app or through our website.

Where does the jackfruit from Meet Jack come from?

Together with our strategic partner Koerner Agro, we have set up the sustainable supply chain for jackfruit from Thailand. In Thailand the jackfruit is harvested, removed from the skin, cut into smaller pieces and blast frozen. Via sea transportation, Jack travels to the Netherlands.

What about your CO2 emissions?

Jackfruit is a multi crop and the tree grows in the jungle along the equator. As the jackfruit does not need any pesticides and chemicals and hardly uses any water, it’s considered a climate-smart crop. In our supply chain, only CO2 is produced through sea transportation. We are currently conducting a Life Cycle Analysis and we compare our footprint with soy and meat (and we compete with meat). The report will be done in Q1 2020 and uploaded on our website.

Where are the Meet Jack products produced?

All Meet Jack products are produced in two different production facilities in The Netherlands. We set up a strategic partnership with a family-run meat production facility and they not only produce for us, they also sell our products as their plant-based vegan line. We cooperate with various chefs who join us on our journey towards creating healthier eating habits.

Why does your products come in plastic?

As we are impact makers, we are also aware of our plastic packaging. For now, we do not have a sustainable alternative. We are looking into alternative solutions, such as plant-based packaging and we strive to reduce our plastic waste in the near future.

How does Meet Jack contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)?

At the moment we are helping to achieve 3 out of 12 SDG’s:SDG 15:

SDG 15: Life on Land: Jackfruit is a climate-smart crop and contributes to reforestation and agroforestry. The crop revitalizes groundwater, needs little water, so that scarce resources can be used elsewhere, and does not use fertilizers.

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production: One of our goals is to address the overconsumption of meat and animal-based protein. We want to encourage you to order a ‘portie of jackfruit bitterballen’ over drinks. A perfect guilt-free and meaty alternative.

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being: Our jackfruit products are vegan and filled with fibers & nutrients. our natural jackfruit chunks are gluten-free, soy- free with love for Mother Nature. It’s good for you, your health and the planet.

What is your impact?

Improve personal health. Reduce carbon footprint. Influence consumer behavior. Love for mother earth.

How about your social impact?

At the moment we are creating several job opportunities, empowering and educating local communities, but what we really strive is to create an inclusive business while loving and helping our Mother Earth.

What is your market?

We see a huge market potential just by looking at the main trends (like consumers with limited time searching for new, healthy and easy-going dishes). Did you know that 43% of the Dutch eat less meat than 5 years ago?

Will you ever come to supermarkets?

We are always looking for new opportunities! Let’s see what 2020 will bring. Stay tuned!

Our story

What could be better than watching a short video of our co-founder Kaline van Halder explaining her passion towards Meet Jack? Watch the video.

If you prefer to read check out the written interview with Kaline for the Horecava Netwerk.


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