Jack’s Special Ops Agent

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A junior operations assistant to Make sure Jack gets to stores on time and in style


Have you met Jack?

Jack is a fruit for meat lovers. He is a true jack of all trades, the perfect ingredient to replace meat. And from what we have seen, chefs that meet Jack, love him.

Our team could use some help creating and maintaining a logistics structure that hits its target every time. And that's where you come in: a dedicated Special Ops Agent responsible for getting Jack to stores on time and in style.

It's pretty straight forward. Your goal is to get all jackfruit deliveries to their final destination.


  • To offer you more jackfruit to eat than you can handle
  • To be part of the team working to make Jack a household name
  • Continuous mental encouragement from the team
  • A monthly compensation based on your experience
  • The most awesome LinkedIn banner ever made
  • A place to experience the wonders of entrepreneurship

You'll be the natural extension of our sales team.

Each morning you'll see all the orders come in and magically pull all those logistical strings that within a day make Jack appear in many different cities at the same time. Occasionally, you might need to jump in the car and get him there yourselves.

We picture you like this

  • You live in the wide Amsterdam region
  • You have a driving license
  • You just graduated from some operations-like study
  • Ready to start on July 1st & commit for at least 24h per week
  • Fluent in both English & Dutch
  • You're chaos' worst enemy

Structure is your middle name & accuracy is your game.

Jack is in demand. Chefs across the country are chanting his name. And, naturally, all the stores want to offer their fans a glimpse of this rising food star. And that’s where you come in, to make sure that store freezers are always stacked by a timely delivery of jackfruit that gets presented in style.

how you can apply

So, are you looking for a part-time job where you can contribute your little grain of sand towards a better world? And would you like the opportunity to work side-by-side with a somewhat crazy entrepreneurial team? Are you up for the challenge of bringing some structure to our chaotic way of working?

You can apply any way you want. THINK LIKE JACK!


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