Young Jackfruit

You probably didn't know, but jack is a fruit of all trades

Jack is used to create many types of dishes

Young jackfruit

Unripe jackfruit is famous for its stringy meat-like texture and its ability to absorb any flavor. Mix it with the right spices, and you can use it to make your favorite sandwiches, wraps, burritos, curries, pizzas. It's the ideal meat replacement.


Ripe jackfruit is naturally sweet. It's one of those fruits that mix well with others. Mangos, papayas, bananas, you name it. Its sweetness makes it a great addition to many desserts. Add it to custards, cakes, or smoothies, and you have yourself one exotic dish.


Ripe jackfruit seeds have a milky, sweet taste. Often compared to Brazilian nuts, they are one protein rich snack. You can boil them or roast them. Or you can go all out and grind them into powder, mix them with wheat flour, and do some serious baking.

Jack's journey starts in the JUNGLE...

Farmers harvest the young, unripe jackfruit from the trees. And, within a day, they cut it, blast-freeze it, and package it so it's ready for its travels.

Why is Jack seen as a food star?

  • More than 200 jackfruits can easily grow on one tree each year
  • One jackfruit can weigh 25 kg, the largest fruit in the world
  • Jackfruit is rich in fiber, magnesium, zink & potassium, and full of vitamins
  • Jackfruit is low in calories and free from fat and sodium
  • Jackfruit trees drink very little water, and do not need pesticides or chemicals to grow many fruits
Farmer harvesting jackfruits

The best part...

The more jackfruit farmers harvest, the more jackfruit will grow on the trees.

...and the sad part

More than 1/3 of jackfruit goes un-eaten, which makes many farmers consider it as a waste crop.

...stops at a kitchen...

The fresh, frozen jackfruit chunks arrive in the Netherlands and go directly into Meet Jack's freezers.

Jack is on standby to send jackfruit on a chef's request. Either a chef looking to make jackfruit masterpieces, or Meet Jack's chefs ready to create a new batch of Jack's famous jackfruit products. Think bitterballen, croquettes, rendang, and many more.

Jack is A true fruit of all trades

jackfruit getting cut into chunks
Chef making jackfruit dishes

...ends on your plate

In the end, whether in the form of one of Meet Jack's  products or a chef's delicious creation, Jack finds his way onto your plate. He is a great alternative to meat, and always nice to remember, when you eat jackfruit you save trees.

All-in-all, Jack has had quite a journey, and has successfully become known as...

A fruit for meat lovers

Why do chefs love Jack? Easy...


100% natural, unprocessed, and without any food preservatives.


Peace of mind around health or allergies concerns.


Mixes well with spices, soaking up flavors to make all types of dishes.


A meaty texture that makes people think they are actually eating meat.