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Raw jackfruit for dishes with chunky bite

Fresh frozen chunks from young unripe jackfruit are cut in triangular shape of approximately 3.5 cm x 4 cm.

Chunks have long fibers and meaty textured bite that mixes well with all types of spices. This makes them an ideal ingredient for “pulled” dishes, such as rendang, stew or curry.

Naked Jack Stripes

Raw jackfruit for softer-textured dishes

Fresh frozen stripes from young unripe jackfruit are cut in rectangular shape of approximately 1.5 cm x 3 cm.

Stripes mix well with all types of spices and are a perfect ingredient for the softer-textured dishes such as gyros, a salad or a pizza topping or meaty filling for a wrap or a pita sandwich.



Jackfruit (100%).



Nutrional value (100g)

Energetic value


Fat (total)

of which fat saturated

Carbohydrates (total)

of which sugars

Salt (from chloride)

12 kcal / 49 kJ
1,5 g
0,3 g
0,1 g
0,7 g
0,0 g
0,1 g

Shelf life

Can be used up to 1 year after production date when kept at -18 degrees. Once defrosted, use within 3 days.


Bags of 2kg or 5 kg, packed in trade units of 10 kg.

100% natural, unprocessed, and without any food preservatives.

Peace of mind around health or allergies concerns.

Mixes well with spices, soaking up flavors to make all types of dishes.

A meaty texture that makes people think they are actually eating meat.

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