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  • When: Thursday, 14 may 2020: 15.00 - 17.00
  • Location: Food Union, Pieter Goedkoopweg 16, 2031 EL Haarlem
  • Payment: We will send you a 'tikkie'

How does it work?

1. Place and order

We'll prepare your favorite jackfruit products for you to pick up.

2. Drive by

Pick up your goodie box and we'll send you a tikki.

3. Take Jack home

Enjoy guilt-free food in the comfort of your home.

Jackfruit order form

Fill in how many boxes of each jackfruit product you would like to take away. We will have it ready for you to go when you come to pick them up.

List of prices with the amount of jackfruit in each box.

  • Raw Jackfruit Chunks
    400 grams for €4.90
  • Jack's Rendang
    250 grams for €4.50
  • Jack's Gyros
    300 grams for €6,20
  • Jack's Balls
    Box of 36 for €17.95
  • Jack's Croquettes
    Box of 14 for €17.95
  • Jack's burgers & Gyros
    2 burgers & 300 grams of Gyros for €7.95
Jackfruit Chunks
Jack's Rendang
Jack's Gyros
Jackfruit Croquettes
Jack's Burgers
Jack's Balls
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Jack hits the road

Can't make it, but would like some jackfruit products in your freezer? Food truck filled with jackfruit deliciousness will soon be going to the city that want him the most. Want to unlock Jackfruit delivery day?

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Keep An Eye On Jack

Jack is always on the move. Stay up to date with the latest jackfruit products, new places to try jackfruit dishes and tasty recipes.

Keep an eye on your mailbox and you won't miss a thing.
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